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You're the brick and mortar of the nation. You work hard for every dollar you make, and you want something that you know will work but won't break the bank. We work tirelessly to source for you the gear you actually use, and provide the training to use it at affordable prices.



We're constantly looking to strike a balance with cost and effectiveness. You never overpay for performance you don't need.


We test and use the equipment we sell to make sure that what you're getting is going to work when you need it the most.


No more fads, hype beasts, or trendy instagram nonsense. We sell you the things you actually need.

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If you live in the Northern Utah area, Crow Mountain Armory sponsors regular training events to get you familiar with your gear, and prepared to use it.


Our Customers

Jeb B.

I was really happy with the help I got from Crow Mountain Armory to build a California compliant AR-15. I spoke to David from Crow Mountain several times and he was happy to answer all my questions and there were a LOT. Together we decided that a “Fixed Magazine” build, meaning I can’t drop the magazine, would be the best option for me. David even took the time to actually educate me on a bunch of the silly California state laws. When David flew out to help me build it we had a great time and again David took the time to teach me how to build a really top of the line AR-15. He was patient and instead of just doing all the work himself and getting it done in 10 minutes he took over an hour and helped me build it myself. I’m really happy about this because now I know I can service it myself. The parts he suggested I buy feel very premium and I was happy I didn’t skimp out. The next day we went to my local range and David taught me how to zero the iron sights and red dot. He was really patient with every aspect of the preplanning, build and at the range. I would highly recommend Crow Mountain Armory to anyone looking to buy a California Compliant AR-15. Even after our transaction was over David advised me on what sling and light to get. I’m super happy with my purchase and because of that my dad decided to have CMA build him a rifle. Thanks David and Crow Mountain Armory!!! -Jeb B. Southern California